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Bassel Obeid 03 Mar 2023

10 Warm Sunday Memories Every Lebanese Family Has Had

Who doesn’t love some warm family time on a nice and calm Sunday? We sure do, and here are 10 of our most cherished childhood memories.

1. Family trips!

Mountain, sea, or forest, we know we’ll enjoy it.

2. Going to teta w jeddo

Why does the house always smell like zaatar?

3. The neighborhood’s tranquility

Wow this is what life could be like without noise pollution?

4. Ice cream!

Especially when it’s a surprise.

5. Mashewe!!

With some mezza, tabouleh, and a nice drink.

6. A walk 3al Corniche

Where we may or may not judge everyone else.

7. Bonding over a game of football

Can’t believe the ball went there, wow! Offside!

8. Hearing old family tales

Only 10% of which are real.

9. Knefe for Breakfast

Especially if you wake up and its already there.

10. Shopping time

Whether it’s Souk el Ahad, or the mall, who doesn’t love some consumerism in their family bonding?