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Tanya Maalouf 07 Mar 2023

4 Gorgeous Dome Getaways In Lebanon (And Their Prices)

There’s something so charming about these dome hideaways in Lebanon, so we thought we’d point you towards some of the most beautiful dome getaways and let you in on how much it costs to spend the night in one!

1. The North Pod, Mazraat El Touffah

If you’re seeking some peace and quiet, this cute and cozy pod is just the place for you. The hideaway features a marvelous view of the region, which you can enjoy from the comfort of the pod or in the outdoor jacuzzi on their private wood terrace.

On weekdays: $170
On weekends: $200

*Breakfast included.

2. Sky Domes, Dlebta

With modern and sleek décor, this dome guarantees a luxury stay to enjoy with their sunset view. Only 15-minutes away from Jounieh by car, you can enjoy a quick escape from the city at Sky Domes without having to stray too far from home.

Sky Domes is offering a promotion for the month of March so you can have the marvelous dome experience at discounted prices.

Dome 1: $120
Dome 2: $130
Dome 3: $140
Dome 4: $150

The dome stays are usually priced as follows:
On weekdays: $130-150
On weekends: $145-175

*Breakfast included and prices increase based on dome altitude.

3. ODOM, Plateau de Bakish

A serene escape like no other, this lavish dome is all about finding peace on your self-care journey. Nourish your body with their indulgent breakfast and brunch and marvel at the gorgeous view to complete the therapeutic experience.

For a standard dome:
On weekdays: $200
On weekends and holidays: $300

For a deluxe dome:
On weekdays: $250
On weekends and holidays: $360

4. River Zen, Chouf

This Chouf gem is known for its treehouse escapes and riverside lunches, but their new dome hideaway found its way on our bucket list. River Zen is redefining Netflix and chill at this escape, with a view of the running water and a cozy dome set up.

Dome 1:
On weekdays: $45
On Fridays and Sundays: $55
On Saturdays and holidays: $60

Dome 2:
On weekdays: $50
On Fridays and Sundays: $60
On Saturdays and holidays: $70

For extra guests: $5
Breakfast: $15