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Labib Mansour 09 Mar 2023

The Shawarma From This Lebanese Snack Will Solve 99% Of Your Problems

Basterma Bedo in Bourj Hammoud has secured a spot in our shawarma-loving hearts with their heavenly specialty sandwiches.

This Lebanese snack has not only perfected their beef, chicken, and sojouk shawarma sandwiches but also make impeccable sojouk, makanek, and basterma. One bite and you’ll understand why Basterma Bedo is one of the most sought out shawarma joints when those late-night cravings hit!

Known as the sojouk masters of Bourj Hammoud by many, their masterful m3allem el shawarma will serve you the sandwich you’ve always dreamed of: saucy, filling, and bursting with flavor.

Of course, you’re not limited to sandwiches because Basterma Bedo also offers shawarma platters, bites, and burgers.

Have you ever tried their shawarma sojouk burger? Or their toum-filled chicken shawarma burger?

There’s no turning back after having a taste of Basterma Bedo. You’ll find yourself answering every craving with their better than sex sandwiches.

Tag your food buddy and plan your visit!