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Tanya Maalouf 08 Mar 2023

14 Things We Wish Lebanese Men Would Stop Doing

Imagine a Lebanon where Lebanese men don’t do these 14 annoying things.

Cue the angry comments demanding a list of things Lebanese women should stop doing in 3…2…1…

1. Mansplaining your degree/job/life/literally EVERYTHING

“Layke ba3ref ennik derse economics w finance w ana mesh deresa wala ba3ref shi 3anna bas ha eshrahlik l capital control shu heye bel zabet”

2. Starting their sentence with “Ana ma3 ho2oo2 l mar2a bas…”

…bas stfu.

3. Using the cringiest pick-up lines known to humankind

“Halla2 seret mneeh”


“Sorry 3am beze3jik bas fiye es2alik so2al?”

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4. Bringing up their “crazy ex”

“Eh my ex kenet majnoone bas ente ma khassik fiya, kermel hek habbaytik”

5. Following/interacting with people having this in their Twitter bio

Keef ye3ne?

6. Starting their own podcasts

Yes, the world is in dire need of Lebanese men on podcasts. Please start more podcasts.

7. Saying The Weeknd is your favorite artist

There’s nothing wrong with The Weeknd…but Lebanese men that love The Weeknd ma ba2 yeskto.

8. Giving their opinions on women’s bodies

Shut up <3

9. Following Nekat Lebanese (or anything equivalent) on Instagram

Major red flag.

10. Interrupting

Metel keef Pavlov’s dog salvates bas yde2 jaras, men interrupt bas yesma3o mara 3am tehke.

11. Thinking lesbians aren’t straight because they haven’t slept with *him* yet

Thanks for reminding lesbians everywhere why they’re lesbians.

12. Constantly bringing up how they’re a “nice guy”

Habibi eza you’re getting rejected this much then maybe…JUST MAYBE…you’re not a nice guy.

13. Having the audacity

Yes, this is our 13th reason.

14. Randomly spitting on the street