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Beirut.com 14 Mar 2023

Nameless Dance Academy: A Place To Master The Art Of Dance

Dancing can be one of most therapeutic forms of expression, and during these stressful times, who doesn’t need that? If you’re looking for a place to learn the art of dance or to use as a gateway for self-expression with the guidance of professionals, Nameless Dance Academy is ready to show you the ropes (…and how to make proper use of your dancing shoes).

Established back in 1994, this academy has been dedicated to making every step count since its opening. From joyful jive routines to lively samba duets, their professional dance instructors will guide you through the 8 counts and basic technique of every type of dance with dedication, precision, and an unmatched love for this artform.

Nameless Dance Academy has classes for all ages, so whether you’re a workaholic making time for a little dance 101 or a parent looking to support their child’s talent on the dancefloor, there is always a spot for you in one of their classes.

The academy also aims to turn their dancers into professional performers, offering multiple specialized workshops, providing private lessons, and hosting competitions to nurture the talents of their students.

Whether you choose to participate in group classes or one-on-one lessons, you are guaranteed a safe environment to grow. While discipline is one of the pillars of dance, so are support and love—which you will receive from fellow students and instructors.

Interested in making a 1, 2, 3 step into the world of dance? Scroll through Nameless Dance Academy’s Instagram and make a call on +961 70 668 658.