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Beirut.com 10 Mar 2023

Layali Al Shams: The Perfect Venue For Your Fairytale Wedding

Tucked away in the heart of Anjar, Layali Al Shams is a hotel that offers nothing short of a marvelous and romantic experience in nature.

Now that wedding season is around the corner, Layali Al Shams is dedicated to making your special day extra special with a whimsical wedding, nestled between the trees of Anjar’s forest.

Promising a magical night, the hotel boasts two magnificent outdoor venues; their Rondo venue tailored to accommodate up to 1100 guests, and the Oasis venue for more intimate celebration of 370 guests.

With the venue reservation, newlyweds will also enjoy a complimentary room at the hotel. Their rooms boast a modern touch to their elegant style, perfect to wrap up a long night of laughter, dancing, and making memories with your loved ones.

And this year, Layali Al Shams has a special offer for the lovebirds who book one of their venues. Couples will enjoy free access to the outdoor pool, one of the hotel’s most splendid facilities, for the entire 2023 season. It is the perfect way to revisit what we hope is the best night of your life for a full season, and makes for a fun activity for newlyweds.

Aside from their stunning venues and rooms, did you know that Layali Al Shams also has fantastic bungalows and dome escapes? Each complete with a luxurious experience of its own, the romantic escapes are every couple’s dream: fully-equipped, spacious, and comfortable.

Ready to book a venue for your special day? Call 08 622 600 or 76 622 600.