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Elise Daoud 10 Mar 2023

10 Thoughts Every Lebanese Third Wheel Has Had

Either someone canceled or you’re somehow insane enough to say yes to being the third wheel to a Lebanese couple’s date, either way please accept our condolences in the form of the following list.

1. Great, here comes the PDA

2. Worse, here comes the brewing fight

Then comes the make-up PDA.

3. Isn’t that their ex?

Finally, some interesting drama.

4. I think they must hate each other, right?

Like this is some sort of satanic torture ritual no? This is how you people interact?

5. Yes, please bring me into your problems!

This is exactly how I want to spend my Friday night

6. No! I am not interested in joining your polycule

What happened to good old me and my girlfriend saw you from across the bar threesomes?

7. Why are they making these fucking voices?!

8. Someone make a fucking decision

You pick! No you<3! No you! No you! No you! start kissing again

9. Oh they’re so cute, I wish I could put them in a zoo

In a limited enclosure, for a limited amount of time, I would enjoy this.

10. Please no more dating advice, I beg.

I do not want to be like you!