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Elise Daoud 10 Mar 2023

8 Places In Beirut That Are Perfect For A Chill Friday Night

The Friday night party scene is not for everyone, so if you and your friends are looking for more laidback Friday night fun, we found the perfect spots in Beirut just for you.

1. Molo, Badaro

This cozy bar enjoys a spacious outdoor seating where you can dive into perfectly crafted cocktails, zesty gin basils, and yummy pizzas. Their Aleppo pizza is probably the best sweet and spicy option that will perfectly complement any drink you order.

2. Berlin Café Bar, Furn El Chebbek

Welcoming early birds, brunch goers, and night owls, Berlin Café Bar is a place away from the large crowds. This spot is the ideal hangout spot, where you and your friends can comfortably sit down, catch up, and enjoy refreshing drinks.

3. Living Room, Mar Mikhael

Social butterflies will love this community space in Mar Mikhael, where you can participate in quiz nights, play boardgames, and join conversations with strangers. Make sure you keep up with their weekly events!

4. The Attic Bar, Badaro

The Attic Bar is one of Badaro’s prized gems, which is not surprising given their impeccable drinks and killer burgers. The ultimate hangout spot with a homey feel, The Attic Bar is decorated with old furniture and enchanting antique items that will charm you to no end.

5. Barzakh Bookshop, Hamra

The beloved Hamra bookshop is for those who love cozy cultural spaces. Surround yourself with books, plants, and good vibes as you attend the occasional comedy show or film screening.

6. A-305, Bliss Street

Looking for a chill space to grab a bite with your friends? A-305 serves hearty and filling dishes for you to indulge in. The spot overlooks the lively Bliss Street, so there won’t ever be a dull moment.

7. Standard Café & Bar, Gemmayze

A place with endless charm, Standard Café & Bar is a lively spot for good drinks, yummy bites, and some background music. You and your friends will quickly turn this visit into a tradition.

8. SuperVega, Badaro

A café, restaurant, and bar wrapped in one wonderful Badaro spot, SuperVega will cater to your needs any time of day—whether you’re a busy bee seeking a workspace for the day or you’re treating a group of childhood friends to cocktails on a Friday night.