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Labib Mansour 13 Mar 2023

7 Relaxing Things To Do On A Monday In Beirut

It’s Monday again. You’re tired. We’re tired. How about we just kick back, relax, and make the most of the worst day of the week?

1. Try the yummiest bakes from Bundt in Gemmayze

This adorable bakery is everything we could ever dream of. A coffee haven that serves fresh bakes, where you can be in the peaceful company of a good book.

2. Take a stroll through Horsh Beirut

Get your needed dose of vitamin D and some fresh air. A walk through Horsh Beirut could be quite the therapeutic experience, especially if you have your pet tag along.

3. Buy yourself a gorgeous bouquet from La Ménagerie

As Miley Cyrus said, you can buy yourself flowers. And the ones at La Ménagerie are just too pretty to miss.

4. Find your way to The Grand Meshmosh Hotel in Gemmayze

Impeccable coffee and homemade breakfasts for an exceptional start to your day, or maybe a few cocktails to end it the right way.

5. Pet all the cats at Kalei Coffee Co.

Studies show that petting cats will make you 99% happier. Don’t look it up, it’s true. Kalei’s little furry friends are what make this spot one of our favorites in Beirut.

6. Express yourself with a therapeutic clay sculpting session at CreativeNass

Clay sculpting is an activity that you can get creative and express yourself freely. Make sure to check out the other amazing artsy activities you can join in on at CreativeNass.

7. Spend the afternoon under the trees of Makan’s beautiful terrace

This cultural space also offers impeccable cuisine. Make sure you stop by on an empty stomach so you can enjoy the rich flavors of their international dishes.