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Tanya Maalouf 20 Mar 2023

12 Things Lebanese People Who Don’t Drink Have To Go Through

Not everyone in Lebanon drinks. Shocking, right?! For all our non-alcoholic friends, we want you to know that we see you, and we hear you. Here are 12 things Lebanese people who don’t drink go through during a night out with their inebriated friends.

1. Oh, I’m paying the minimum charge too?

So I can get some virgin cocktails or an energy drink while you guys lose your shit in a way too loud place? Yeah, totally in.

2. I’d say no to the outing, but I like to be consistently invited

How dare you get drunk without me?!

3. I’m fun at parties!

You don’t need to get drunk to be fun at parties, why do you all doubt me like this?

4. I guess I’m driving today

Just like last time, and the time before, and the time before…

5. “Ento virgin sa7?”

Do we really need to get up in my business like this? Oh you mean the alcohol, yes.

6. “Who’s gonna get them drunk first?”

Wallah it’s not a competition, I don’t wanna drink you don’t have to make this a whole thing.

7. “So why don’t you drink?”

Leave me alone!

8. Are guys always this stupid or?

I’m questioning everything…

9. So wait you hate the taste, the way it makes you feel, and everything is about it?

But you’re still voluntarily choosing to buy 8 drinks?

10. Yes, keep going

Spill all your secrets in a drunken haze, I won’t tell anyone…

11. No, we’re never going to a second location

I know in your under-the-influence this seems like a great idea, but never go to a second location with some drunk people.

12. I love texting “is everyone home safe?” to 0 responses

All of you have passed out somewhere haven’t you? Oh well.