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Bassel Obeid 21 Mar 2023

Hassoun: A Lebanese Snack That Hits The Spot

If it’s 11 PM and those late-night cravings are hitting hard, you’re going to need a killer sandwich to devour. And because we know that no one does it better than Lebanese snacks, we thought we’d put an incredible one on your radar.

Hassoun is a Lebanese snack and grill located in Al Qaem street in Haret Hreik, and their goal is to serve you bites of heaven.

With generously filled sandwiches dripping in delicious homemade sauce, every bite will be even better than the last. Their menu includes all the classic options, from cheesy fajitas to saucy Franciscos to toumy Tawouk sandwiches.

However, the chefs over at Hassoun really know how to satisfy us foodies. The current food craze at Hassoun is the newest addition to their menu, the fried chicken burger.

Crunchy, toumy, cheesy, and doused in coleslaw, this new burger is as messy as it gets—and in the best way possible.

And don’t forget to try the specialty Hassoun wrap! Made with grilled chicken, corn, pickles, cheese, crunchy chips, and lots of sauce, all tightly wrapped in crispy tortilla bread.

Are you drooling yet? You can also treat yourself to a plate of perfectly fried chicken strips on a bed of golden fried, coated in barbecue sauce.

Hassoun is open starting 1pm until 2am, ready to serve you when those late-night cravings hit. For more information, you can call 01 271 654 or contact them via WhatsApp on 81 089 087. Make sure to check out their Instagram by clicking here.