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Beirut.com 21 Mar 2023

7 Places In Beirut If You Love All Things Vintage

Are you a vintage lover who is looking for a few spots around the city that will speak to their soul? Whether you’re looking to shop for vintage finds or surround yourself with gorgeous vintage décor while grabbing a bite to eat, check out these 7 wonderful spots around the city.

1. Zanoubia Vintage Space, Furn El Chebbak

This secondhand shop in Furn El Chebbak sells some of the most unique items that will transport you back in time. Not only do their items make for bold fashion statements, but they are also very affordable.

For more information, visit their Instagram. They also deliver!

2. Chico Records, Hamra

Chico Records speaks volumes (literally) to vintage record lovers. Curating different genres of music from almost every era, a step into this record shop will have you yearning for 60s Beirut. Want to see what’s available for purchase? Click here.

3. The Attic Bar, Badaro

A quaint spot in the heart of Badaro with a story to tell. This resto-pub resembles “an old man’s secret and mysterious attic”, filled with amazing vintage items and old furniture. You’ll either fall in love with their rustic decor, their delicious cocktails, or their kickass burgers.

4. Hamra Vintage, Hamra

This beloved Hamra gem has everything you could ever ask for. From gorgeous antiques to vintage collectibles, you’ll enjoy skimming through the endless shelves at Hamra Vintage. Have a chat with the owner so he can tell you a little bit about some of his wonderful items!

5. Halabi Bookshop, Kaskas

What makes this lovely bookshop special is not only its large collection of English, Arabic, and French books, but also its charming interior. Did you know it was dubbed the most beautiful bookstore in Beirut? We can see why.

6. The Grand Meshmosh Hotel, Gemmayze

This unique destination will take you back in time to an older Lebanon, where you can enjoy coffee, a light bite, and laughs with your friends. The Grand Meshmosh Hotel might just be your new favorite hangout spot.

7. The Vintage Shop 961, Bourj Hammoud

Are you looking for something to make your home a little more interesting? The two brothers behind The Vintage Shop 961 transform vintage knick knacks into quirky pieces of art and furniture that will make a wonderful addition to your home.