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William Daou 24 Mar 2023

10 Lebanese Situations That Are Stressful For No Reason

Living in this country can often be stressful, but a significant portion of that stress is really pointless when you really sit and think about it. Here are 10 Lebanese situations that are needlessly stressful.

1. Living life dependent on an erratic generator schedule

Why does it just randomly cut at whatever time the owner decides this week? How are these schedules being formulate? Why not have a neighborhood vote? I can’t live like this.

2. Suffering the consequences of your toum binge

I really did this to myself, didn’t I?

3. Quick [exchange rate] math

Stop staring at me while I figure out how much this really costs please.

4. Driving with a parent

I can’t take you anywhere!

5. Having 43 missed calls from the same parent

And when I don’t take you I have to deal with this shit.

6. How many kisses do give this person?

Are they a 2, 3, or no kisses person? I hate society.

7. Taking a service when you’re in a rush

Why are you so calm and slow, you’re not gonna find any other customers, step on it.

8. Parking when you’re in a rush

There’s really no winning is there

9. Trying to date in Beirut

The horror…

10. When the consequences of your procrastination catch up to you

If you’ve never had this feeling, and are interested in experiencing it, here are 10 Lebanese Ways To Procrastinate Your Work