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Beirut.com 15 May 2023

Chocomum: Delicious Chocolates For Every Occasion

Whether enjoyed as an afternoon treat, taken as a gift for loved ones, or kept for special occasions, one thing we’ll never get tired of is the taste of sweet chocolate melting in our mouth. Crafting chocolate is an art form, and a single piece of chocolate has the power to make your day 99% better. Luckily, one of the best chocolatiers in Lebanon is crafting delectable bites of heaven in the most adorable packaging.

Chocomum is our very own version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, a family business that has been crafting the most delicious chocolate creations for 30 years.

Also an online store based in Bikfaya, Chocomum delivers their sweet treats all over Lebanon for you to enjoy.

Known for their original designs and unique presentation, their products are more than just pieces of chocolate. This family business is dedicated to painting smiles on their customers’ faces with the sweetest mouthwatering combinations.

Their chocolates can be the perfect gift to a loved one and the loveliest addition to any family dinner. Their amazing selection of beautiful chocolate arrangements are made to decorate every dinner table on every occasion and grace your guests’ taste buds with bursting flavors.

Now that the celebrations are rolling in, the expert chocolatiers at Chocomum have created a series of Easter and Ramadan collections to keep you company.

To shop their Easter Chocolate Bars, click here.

To shop their Smarties Chocolate Eggs, click here.

For their Easter collection, enjoy joyful arrangements of Easter chocolate bars, lollipops, Easter chocolate figures, and much more. This collection was created to make your Easter celebrations a lot more fun with their colorful items and unique designs.

To shop their Candy Crush Egg, click here.

To shop their Ramadan Special Box, click here.

To shop their Chocolate Dates, click here.

Their collection of Ramadan chocolates is nothing less of exquisite, including chocolate-coated orange slices, chocolate dates, and halawa-filled chocolates. These delightful desserts are the perfect way to wrap up a magical iftar night.

Chocomum promises to make every celebration sweeter with their seasonal chocolates. You can shop their wonderful items on their website. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay updated on their latest creations.