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Sarah Tarhini 31 Mar 2023

5 Spots To Enjoy Some Classic Oud Nights This Month

Nothing completes a proper Ramadan evening like a nice live oud performance. If you want to have your iftar with some classic oud tunes rolling in, we have 5 spots you’d enjoy.

1. Sanferien – Jounieh

If you’re around Jounieh, you can’t go wrong with a stop at Sanferien. If you’re there on a Friday, you’ll be happy to know that that’s when they hold their weekly oud nights.

Number: 81 755 055

2. Zmrd Social Space – Furn el Chebek

At this spot in Furn el Chebek, you can enjoy a low key iftar with some homemade food and chill oud-supported vibes every Friday. A wonderful blend of senses, it’ll probably give you one of the best iftars you can have this month.

Number: 81 017 965 / 01 611 206

3. Shababik Garden – Sodeco

At this Sodeco resto, you can enjoy a full fledged Ramadan meal with live oud performances every Thursday and Saturday. With the oud adding the final spice to an amazing meal, this promises to be an iftar to remember.

Number: 01 332 880 / 03 008 866

4. Kahwet 60 – Saida

One of Saida’s most unique spots, Kahwet 60 hosts amazing weekend oud performances every week. Take in their authentic 60s vibes with some classic tunes, and enjoy a great retro night.

Number: 79 196 000

5. Coral Beach – Jnah

If you’re looking for a high end oud night, Coral Beach is holding live oud performances, alongside iftar and sohour, every day of Ramadan. With some amazing food to go alongside the tunes, this promises to be a truly oudacious night.