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William Daou 31 Mar 2023

10 Thoughts You Have On A Friday In Lebanon

It’s a Friday, and doesn’t it feel just like a Friday? On this blessed 5th and final day of the work week, our collective two brain cells have probably produced nothing more than these exact 10 thoughts listed right here.

1. It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

Rebecca Black really snapped with that one.

2. Oh I’m getting sick right NOW?

Someone needs to do on a study on the percentage of illnesses that arise only on Friday

3. Maybe I’ll finally sit down and understand the financial crisis this weekend

4. Actually nvm, hi guys wen el sahra lyom?

Badna nwale3a!

5. Is Monday really just 2 days away?

What is this pointless existence, from task to task, week to week, grinding till the last day of our existence? But at least we have those 2 days.

6. Freedom! To do all the chores I’ve accumulated over the week

Fuck why do I keep a to-do list? I’d rather live in denial.

7. I’m not gonna say yes to any plans this weekend, I’m not gonna say yes to any plans this weekend

Friday? Yeah that sounds good, let’s also do Saturday night and all of Sunday.

8. I’m gonna make so many plans this weekend, so many plans

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9. What happens if it rains on Sunday?

Finally that damn sun will be taken down a few pegs, an arrogant ass star has a whole day named after it. One day I will defeat it.

10. I just want a nap