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Bachar Bzeih 31 Mar 2023

8 Weird Maps Featuring Lebanon

Maps are a fascinating medium. Some of them can be informative, others can be funny, but a bunch are just plain weird. Here are 8 of the weirdest maps we could find featuring Lebanon.

1. What do entrepreneurs dream about?

Of course it’s real estate you uncreative bunch.

Source: What do entrepreneurs dream about in Czechia? A world map of start-up ambitions

2. The Arab Winter

Listen, putting aside all the problematic deceptions here, they really got us well.

Source: Give Me a Map

3. Bible Story Map

Hmm, I can’t put my finger on it, but some of the geography here looks pretty off.

Sources: Maps on the Web

4. The World According To Ronald Reagan

This one is actually purposefully satirical, so it doesn’t really fit here. But it is weird looking, and somehow mentions Beirut, so here we are.

Source: Maps, Odd/Amusing

5. Tourist Lebanon

Source: Lebanon map, major cities names flag Lebanese national symbols and landmarks Sticker

6. Greatest Lebanon

Although I have my qualms about our wonderful /r/Lebanon, you must admit they made some interesting viewing here.

Source: You heard of Great Lebanon, Now prepare yourself for GREATEST LEBANON.

7. Brexit Lebanon

Remember when Brexit was a thing? That seems like an eternity ago.

Four Funny Lebanese Takes on #Brexit

8. 8-bit Beirut

What better for number 8, than some Beirut in 8-bit.

Source: Beirut in 8-bit

Seen any other interesting maps of Lebanon or Beirut, share them with us!

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