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Mia Arawi 03 Apr 2023

The Ultimate Lebanese Childhood Snack Rating

Have you ever wondered which of your favorite Lebanese childhood snacks reigns supreme? Today, we’re putting them to the test and ranking the top 15 contenders. Get ready to discover the ultimate winner!

15. Polo

Weakest one on this list, but gets a few points for uniqueness and making us feel like adults. 5/10

14. Pez

Very entertaining, but easily lost and forgettable. 6/10

13. Nesquik

The morning dream, but was too regular. It’s suffering from its own success. 6/10

12. 3osso w mosso

People seem to love these 3osso w mossos, but they’re really just cold water. 6/10

11. Chocolate coins

It felt bad ripping these bad boys out of their gold coverings, and when we did we really thought that maybe we shouldn’t have. 6/10

10. TofiLuk

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never had this, but I am feeling peer pressured to include it on the list. 6/10

9. Tutti Frutti

Amazing explosion of taste, you knew what you were getting with these ones but you still enjoyed it every time. 7/10

8. Panda

Panda, panda, panda. These are some you’d forget but when you had them they would slap every time. 7/10

7. Smarties

Quick tasty bites, that vastly outsold M&Ms in popular culture, apologies to the M&M gang. 7/10.

6. Cola gummies

What were in these bad boys? We never wanna know. 8/10.

5. Shoe candies

Again, no one ever tell me the nutritional value of one of these. 8/10

4. Unica

A certified classic. When everything else fails you always knew you had good old Unica to fall back on. Unica haters, get a life. 8/10.

3. Dabke

When you’d split off the crackers and have the cream, top 10 experiences. 8/10

2. Chocoprince

Great taste, no lingering aftertaste or regret. 9/10

1. Tarboush

The undisputed champion of childhood sweets. 10/10