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William Daou 03 Apr 2023

14 Ways You Can Say No Without Saying No In Lebanon

Lebanese people are actually much more afraid of confrontation than you would imagine. One of their favorite activities is to say no without actually saying the word no, here are 14 ways they do that.

1. Nshallah

All things are possible through the divine light of procrastination.

2. Mne7ke

I suddenly cannot hear.

3. Men shouf

I have 0/20 vision.

4. Kello byetzabat

Never gonna happen.

5. Khaline es2al eme

Yes I’m 29, what about it?

6. 3am betshatte


7. Kteer shakla 3aj2a lyom

I haven’t looked out the window, but I can feel the vibe.

8. El dene Ramadan

El dene sayfiye, el dene bared, el dene menteke…

9. Kteer mashghoul hal eyem

Bta3ref keef hek el sheghel eh kteer ta3ab. Meanwhile:

10. Ade el se3a 3andak?

Oh sorry It’s 2:00 here, this won’t work<3
11. Hal jome3ten kteer sa3been wallah

Ask me again in 2 weeks.

12. Yalla halla2 bas o2bad

Yalla halla2 bas o2bad. Yalla halla2 bas o2bad. Yalla halla2 bas o2bad. Yalla halla2 bas o2bad. Yalla halla2 bas o2bad.

13. Ana akid miyye bel miyye in

You’re never seeing this person again in your life.

14. Yalla hala2 bas tozbat el lira w yentekhbo ra2ees