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Elise Daoud 05 Apr 2023

Stop What You’re Doing And Try These Baklava Donuts ASAP

Leave it to XnDoughs in Clemenceau to always make the sweetest and most creative donuts ever.

This Ramadan, XnDoughs created a variety of new flavors to enjoy during the holy month, and they’re all donut versions of our favorite Arabic desserts and sweets. At the top of our list of must-tries is their pistachio baklava donut.

This fluffy donut is dipped in sugary syrup then rolled in sugar, before it’s filled with creamy pistachio paste, white chocolate, and a piece of crispy baklawa. This creation is going to make every post-meal dessert 1000 times better with its unconventional take on our favorite traditional desserts.

However, this isn’t the only flavor you need to be trying from their Ramadan collection.

Their arishe w 3asal is yet another not-so-average donut, filled with arishe, topped with a glaze of honey and a sprinkle of crushed pistachios.

And what about their Take Me On A DATE? A tamr glazed donut with crunchy pieces of biscuits on the surface, with tamr paste and a date as the cherry on top.

Of course, if you’re not in the donut mood, they are also offering osmaliye ice cream cakes in two mouthwatering flavors: ashta and Nutella. Their best sellers!

XnDoughs is located in Clemenceau, open from Monday to Saturday starting 10am until 9pm. Your orders are available for pickup or delivery.

Ready to make a sweet AF order? Reach out to them on +961 71 520 891.