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Labib Mansour 07 Apr 2023

5 Places Where You Can Touch Some Grass In Lebanon

Looking for a good day out in nature as Spring rolls into town? We’ve got you covered. Fortunately, Lebanon still has a few green spaces out there, and we’ve handpicked a few for you to enjoy. Focusing on free open-access spaces you can reimagine for your walk, hike, or picnic, this guide brings you 5 places in Lebanon where you can confidently go and touch some grass.

1. Bisri Valley

One of the major achievements of the last few years has been the rescue of t he Bsiri Valley from its disastrous dam project. Now that it’s not flooded under gallons of water, make sure to take the chance to go and explore its scenic landscape and heritage buildings under the spring sun.

2. Horsh Beirut

Lebanon’s most underrated green space lies hidden in Beirut’s busy streets. Horsh Beirut remains an excellent breath of fresh air amidst the urban jungle of the city, and will bring you all the nature you want right where you are. Make sure to not get locked in there though, because the park’s erratic opening hours can cause some problems.

3. Qadisha Valley

One of Lebanon’s most historic valleys, Qadisha is a one-in-a-kind site in Lebanon. Whether you just want to go to look down from its mighty cliffs or to go on a full on hike through the lands, it promises to be a green experience to remember.

4. Ammiq Wetlands

Perhaps one of the most unique locations in Lebanon’s diverse landscape, Ammiq is home to some gorgeous wetlands that are a perfect scenic backdrop to your picnic or obstacle course to your Bekaa hike.

5. Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve

The largest of Lebanon nature reserves, Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve stretches from Dahr Al-Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the south. Home to mighty cedar forests, and plenty of fresh air to breathe in, just pick your spot in the vast reserve and have a greenful day.