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Beirut.com 08 Apr 2023

Savor The Flavor At This Beloved Food Joint In Saida

Asking yourself where your next food fix will be? Let’s put this Saida gem on your radar.

Soubra’s is named after the passionate founder Majed Soubra who has made it his life’s purpose to create the yummiest, heartiest, and most unforgettable dishes for you to devour.

The spot cooks up what we think are perfect comfort meals, ranging from kickass burgers to filling sandwiches to saucy wraps. And let’s not forget their juicy shawarma sandwiches because the garlic breath is going to be worth it.

You know what makes a burger irresistible? When the filling makes up 80% of the burger. Yes, we love our buns big, but nothing is going to hit the spot like a thick piece of meat in between.

We currently have our eyes set on their Zeus burger, named after the Greek god and with reason. This treat is made with a thick piece of fried chicken, a garlic mayo spread, topped with rocca, tomato, a slide of turkey, a bunch of cheeses, and a drizzle of cocktail sauce.

It’s safe to say every bite will feel like a jolt of electricity because of all those flavors.

If you’re in the sandwich mood, you should try their specialty Soubra’s Steak, courtesy of the chef. A juicy ribeye steak coated in smoked sauce and topped with grilled onion, tomato, and shredded cheddar cheese.

Now let’s talk about their shawarma. Generously filled, perfectly grilled, and jazzed up with a toum tarboush. Need we say more?

Don’t worry about the garlic breath, you’ll numb it out after sandwich number 2 (and yes, there will be a second one).

Who’s treating us? Check out their Instagram for more!