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Beirut.com 15 Apr 2023

6 Great Artists Working Out Of Beirut

Despite whatever this country may be going through, Beirut always remains a wonderful hub for artists and creators to hone their craft and express their talents to a riveted audience. To celebrate all this cultural output out of the capital, we’ve compiled a list of 6 great artists that work in, and love Beirut.

1. Courtney Bonneau

A photographer that calls Beirut her home, Courtney Bonneau writes love letters to the Middle East, one photograph at a time. During her travels around the region, Bonneau highlights some of the beauty and humanity that is at the heart of the region, taking photographs of everything she sees along the way.

Bonneau uses the images captured to tell stories of some of the people and places that seem to be ignored, forgotten, and lost in the general culture of today. Through this endeavour, she attempts to create new perceptions and to transmit the perpetually human qualities that lie behind the headlines.

Bonneau masterfully captures and showcases people and scenes from the region, bringing up a mirror to our own accepted understandings and perception of the world. Through her lens, she has accumulated a brilliant collection of photographs which she often puts on displays at exhibitions and galleries around the country.

We love to see the photography that’s coming out of Bonneau’s lens, and hope to see her continue to thrive in the local art scene. You can keep up with her work on her website or through her Instagram.

2. Brady Black

Brady Black, famously known for hishand drawn tribute to the victims of the Beirut explosion, operates out of Seattle and Beirut, spreading his artistic vision through murals and other embedded art.

3. Lea Feitrouni .

One of Lebanon’s exciting new generation of tattoo artists, Lea Feitrouni is bringing her remarkebly surreal style to a skin next to you soon. Her wonderful designs are paired with masterful execution to ensure the highest quality tattoo possible.

4. Anna Kudinova-Mattar

One of Lebanon’s most unique artists, Anna Kudinova-Mattar is a professional composer, songwriter, pianist, educator, and conductor. A true maestro of melody, Kudinova-Mattar has masterful performances all across Lebanon. Next time you’re looking for an exquisite tune, make sure to keep with her latest show.

5. Ralph Khoury

Ralph Khoury, known as Gingerpotter on social media, is a leading digital artist in Lebanon who has been taking over the NFT space for two years now, with multiple impressive collections of his art that have sold out worldwide.

Earlier this year, Ralph tweeted a mock-up of what his art would look like if it were featured in Times Square during NFT NYC, an annual event that brings together NFT artists from all over the world and showcases their work. Unbeknownst to him, this innocent tweet would come to fruition a few months later.

6. Abed Chehab

A different style to some of the other artists on the list, Abed Chehab is one of Beirut’s premier artisans, producing a beautiful collection of mosaic and Islamic handmade art since 1955. If you’re looking to spice up your life with a truly one-in-a-kind addition to your home, Abed Chehab is the artisan for you.