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Mia Arawi 12 Apr 2023

15 Feelings You Have As A Master’s Student In Lebanon

Hello fellow MA, MS, and other MBullshit students, life is great isn’t it? If you are a holder of a Master’s degree, or pursuing one in Lebanon right now, you will 100% relate to these 15 feelings.

1. What the fuck am I doing with my life?

Did I just waste the last 2-3-4 years of my life?

2. I wonder if I can pinpoint the exact moment in my childhood that led me down this path

Why would I go to therapy when I can just pour all my anxiety into self-intellectualizing?

3. How do I tell them that I, a 25 year old, have homework due tomorrow?

Sorry guys I can’t go I’m feeling a little sick tonight<3 4. Can’t wait so everyone reads the groundbreaking work I’m doing

Says 50,000 different MA students internationally per second.

5. Everything will be fine when I finish my thesis!

Everything will be fine when I finish my thesis! Everything will be fine when I finish my! Everything will be fine when I finish! Everything will be fine when I! Everything will be fine when! Everything will be fine! Everything will be! Everything will! Everything!

6. I literally couldn’t explain what I’m doing to anyone

“I love the blank stares I get when I explain my thesis”

7. I just want to read for fun again

I miss when reading and writing weren’t the bane of my existence fr.

8. I wonder if people think I have a dark academia vibe

Or a energy drink buzzed out overworked vibe…

9. I have become stress, stress is me.

Is life just going from one huge looming task to the other?

10. This degree is not worthless


11. This degree is not completely worthless


12. This degree is completely worthless!


13. This degree is completely worthless 🙁


14. This degree is completely worthless.


15. Maybe I should apply for a PhD