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Melissa Sleiman 14 Apr 2023

This Magical Guesthouse By The Sea Is The Perfect Weekend Escape

Lebanese people have a soft spot for sea views, so we decided to put this wonderful guesthouse on your radar.

A simple yet lively guesthouse with a boatload of nostalgia, Zekra will make you feel at home with its patterned floors and minimalistic décor. One step into their rooms will give you flashbacks of teta and jeddo’s home (minus the smell of cooking, of course).

Their interiors encourage a peace of mind and make sure that you get the escape you deserve without feeling like you’re far away from home.

To top it all off, Zekra boasts a serene sea view that will settle into your memory. Those craving summer will get a taste of the cheerful season with the colorful view from their room, especially during sunset!

The guesthouse promises that their view of the Mediterranean, joined with a salty breeze and a little sunshine, is a soul-nourishing experience—and we couldn’t agree more!

Whether you’re gazing at the sea from our beloved Sour in the south, from the busy streets of the Corniche, or the stunning beaches of Byblos, nothing matches the beauty of Lebanon’s sea views.

Those who book a room will get beach access and WiFi (in case you wanted to post about your amazing stay). Their prices are as follows:
– December until March: $80 for 2 people, $120 for 4 people.
– April until November: $120 for 2 people, $150 for 4 people.

The guesthouse is located in El Mounsef, only 6 minutes away from Byblos! For more information, visit their Instagram.