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Beirut.com 26 Apr 2023

Enjoy The Most Peaceful Escape At Bet L Snunu In Kfardebian

The best way to remedy a bad day/week/month is by escaping the chaos and venturing into nature for a weekend. Since Lebanon enjoys some of the most therapeutic views and natural havens, the escapes tucked away in our mountains are one of a kind and never disappoint. Check out this charming hidden gem that you’re bound to fall in love with.

Tucked away in Kfardebian, Bet L Snunu offers nothing less than a peaceful slice of heaven. With exciting activities, cozy rooms, and serene surroundings, your experience here is bound to be one you’ll remember.

If the earthy scent of the oak trees surrounding the premise doesn’t lure you in, the views of the snow-capped Sannine mountains from the patio of their wooden cabins will surely do the trick.

Bet L Snunu boasts two marvelous cabins for you to choose from: Geronimo, which is situated on a rock and enjoys a lovely view, and Azul, a beautiful cabin equipped with a pool for those hot summer days.

Ready to accommodate you and your boo or a large group of friends who are itching for summer, their guesthouse boasts two bedrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a chimney to keep you warm on those breezy mountain nights.

For those of you who like their relaxation with a side of adventure, rest assured that there will not be a dull moment during your stay, especially not with the many activities that can be arranged. The adrenaline junkies will love to try their hand at hiking, rappelling, escalading, and caving, while our wine connoisseurs can enjoy some fine wine tasting.

When the sun sets, you can head back to the guesthouse and shoot some pool while making the most of their barbecue area.

Whether you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind guesthouse for a staycation, a birthday or anniversary celebration, or just a weekend of disconnecting, this summer, Bet L Snunu will surely be your home away from home.

For more information, call them on 71 400 866 and visit their website by clicking here.