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Labib Mansour 25 Apr 2023

Beetroot Burgers And Beefy Fries At This Spot In Tripoli

Looking for a new spot to devour some delectable burgers? Check out this gem in the north!

The Cage is the newest addition to Tripoli’s food scene, and their specialty is serving kickass burgers that will linger in your memory and on your tastebuds.

The star of their menu is the beetroot burger. Made with 150g of beef with a mayo spread, topped with rocca and cheddar, smothered in beetroot and guacamole sauce.

A side of loaded fries is perfect for every burger, and their loaded beef fries will also wow. A bed of golden fries is generously topped with perfectly spiced minced beef, arguably the ideal dish to emotionally eat on a bad day.

Of course, that’s not all they serve. We think that their Bomb!!! burger is quite the honorable mention, made with a simple recipe of a 200g beef patty, grilled onions, and cheddar sauce…but with a fried bun.

Foodies know that when it comes to food, Tripolitans never disappoint. Taking a road trip to Tripoli sounds like an excellent plan, so if you’re planning to devour a delicious burger at The Cage, you should definitely follow this guide to some other cool spots in this historical northern city.