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Beirut.com 01 May 2023

Fast And Affordable Money Transfers With Taptap Send

Need a money transfer service that is quick, reliable, and cheap? A new player on the scene is simplifying our lives in Lebanon!

Meet Taptap Send, a leading service for money and remittance transfers across the globe. Operating in 29 countries and continuously expanding, Taptap Send allows you to send as much money as you want, at the least possible expense.

Built as a service for expats to send money back home to Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, Taptap Send aims to make global remittances the most affordable and accessible they can be, charging no or competitively low fees per transfer.

Since launching in Lebanon in 2022, Taptap Send has worked to give Lebanon’s vast diaspora the best possible money transfer experience. Allowing expats to reconnect and support their families and friends back home, they have made sure essential money transfers get where they need to be as fast as possible.

As Lebanese families continue to suffer under the weight of the economic crisis, Taptap Send has worked hard to ensure that donations and transfers to those in need arrive exactly when needed.

Recently, a Lebanese man was attempting to transfer money to pay for his 80-year-old uncle’s health insurance but ran into technical difficulties along the way. Taptap Send acted quickly in coordination with the local Whish money agent to help the recipient cash out as smoothly as possible.

Alongside their partner Whish Money, the company’s stellar service has earned them mountains of praise from happy users around the world. Customers applaud blazing fast speed, affordable transfer rates, and top-notch customer care that is routinely provided. With nationwide accessibility and lightning-fact processing, Taptap Send’s exceptional service ensures that your cash gets to where it needs to be without a hitch. It’s smooth sailing all the way!

Built by expats for expats, Taptap Send is an exemplary service that thrives on its exquisite understanding of its customers and countries. If you’re sick of the fee and bureaucracy-ridden traditional services, they offer a fresh and powerful startup experience that will make sending money as easy as a few clicks.

You can learn more about the company and its services by downloading their app and check outing their Instagram.