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Sarah Tarhini 26 Apr 2023

Music, Food, And Fun At The Batroun Springfest 2023

Cover image retrieved from Live Love Batroun

Editorial note: The event was rescheduled from April 28 to May 4 due to the weather conditions. Please check the new dates.

Who else loves spring more than any other season?

Apart from looking forward to crunchy loz akhdar and juicy akidinia and watching rural regions welcome colorful spring shades, a fun-filled spring festival is taking place in the heart of Batroun to properly welcome the beautiful season.

Kicking off on Thursday, May 4th, the fest includes cheerful parades, a variety of fun shows, and musical performances by local talents to keep the good vibes flowing.

And the best part? There is no entrance fee. Stop by with a group of friends, or enjoy a full day of fun with your family because the Springfest is not to be missed.

The schedule for the events is as follows:

On Thursday, May 4

Event kick-off – 4pm
Parade – 6pm
Dinner – 8:30pm

Stick around for:
Oud Night with Chady Aidamouny

On Friday, April 5

Event kick-off – 12pm
Kids animation – 5pm
Magic show – 7pm

Stick around for:
Rudolph & His Band – 9pm
DJ – 11pm

On Saturday, April 6

Event kick-off – 12pm
Parade – 5pm
Clown show – 7pm
Fashion show night – 8pm

Stick around for:
Blinky Band – 11pm

On Sunday, May 7

Event kick-off – 12pm
Kids animation – 5pm
Kung-fu show – 7pm

Stick around for:
The National Conservatory of Music – 8pm
Dear Ear Band – 9pm

Yalla 3a Batroun!