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Mia Arawi 27 Apr 2023

Interview With The Lebanese Entrepreneur Behind Jolia Brands

Liana Haddad is a 24-year-old Lebanese entrepreneur who founded the growing accessories company Jolia Brand. After obtaining her master’s degree in Boston, Haddad decided to return to Lebanon to launch her handbag and accessories brand. We interviewed this young entrepreneur to learn more about her brand and business!

Q: Tell us a little bit about why you decided to come back to Lebanon.
Liana: I wanted to come back despite the economic situation, mostly to help support local artisans who were struggling to make ends meet. I found that despite hardships, there was nothing that could quite beat Lebanese craftsmanship.

Q: What is the inspiration behind Jolia Brand?
Liana: I truly wanted to leverage my skills and expertise in order to help my country. My search was focused on finding local artists who would help me make timeless handmade designs which would appeal to a global audience. This is how Jolia came to life, it was a labor of love and a way to connect the world to Lebanese artisans.

Q: Tell us more about the bags: who designs them and how are they made?
Liana: Our Jolia bags are created using beads or crochet, and the materials used vary depending on the designs. The ten models are my original designs, and our Lebanese artisans are able to bring my vision to life and add their own special touches. This creates a collaborative design that is at the heart of what Jolia stands for.

Q: What makes Jolia Brand unique?
Liana: Jolia Brand stays true to its roots. Our creations have a nostalgic feel to them, and we stick to traditional techniques and methods that set Lebanese craftsmanship apart and make our designs unique and special.

To check out Liana’s creations and shop the Jolia Brand bags and accessories, follow her on Instagram and reach out by DM to place your orders!