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Labib Mansour 28 Apr 2023

14 Thoughts Every Lebanese Introvert Has On A Friday Night

Introverts, it’s time to show the world what a typical Friday night in Lebanon looks like for us. Here are 14 thoughts every Lebanese introvert has on the first night of the weekend.

1. Nshallah mahada yehkeene y2elle nedhar

Where there is an introvert who loves staying at home, there’s an extrovert that loves making spontaneous plans.

2. It’s me, myself, and I (and emme)

Time to catch up on your mom’s favorite Turkish series. At least ma ha tesma3 “WAYNA L JACKET” because you’re not going anywhere but you will be asked to wear socks at all times.

3. Keef badde ehrob men l dahra bokra?

Your favorite hobby = cooking up excuses to not leave the house

4. Sometimes lying is okay

I know you guys wanted to try that new burger joint bel Gemmayze bas eno haram teta badda yene se3eda ta3mol makdous.

5. *chaotic internal monologue*

What if someone texts? What if they CALL? What if they show up at my house and force me to go out with them?

6. Lezem marre2 dahra ma3 l group next week la ekhlas menna w erteh shi shaher

You MUST tmarre2 at least one successful outing so you can be left alone.

7. “It’s me, hi. I’m the problem, it’s me”

Being the plan destroyer of the group is a full-time job.

8. Yi mnazleen story b pub shu helo *scrolls*

Wow such cool plans that I love watching and not being a part of.

9. Ya allah shu bheb l weekend

*sleeps for 48 hours*

10. 3am yde2 my phone? Ha 2a3mol hale neyem/neyme

Every introvert’s worst nightmare…but it’s ok because pretending we’re asleep works 99% of the time.

11. Meen hayda (aggressively)

Your reaction to hearing a notification sound.

12. Ma32ool ma3endon delivery?

New place in town without delivery services? You just lost a potential customer because you’re going to have to DRAG me there.

13. “Alone time is the best time”

You say as you encourage your friends to have the craziest Friday night out without you.

14. *scrolls through social media for hours*

Bar hopping? Pfft no. App hopping >>>