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Beirut.com 10 May 2023

Naaam: A Hassle-Free Experience For All Your Home Maintenance Needs

We’ve all been there, the wall needs a new coat of paint, the AC needs a little maintenance, that shelf needs to be put up…and you end up saying, “I’ll just ask someone to call someone to get someone…next week”. What if we told you, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore? If you’re looking to finally get some of your home maintenance or renovation work done, catered to your own wants and needs, and at your own pace, we have the perfect platform for you.

Naaam is a dynamic marketplace that connects homeowners with a broad swath of small and medium-sized local service providers. Whether you’re looking to get some electric work done, plumbing, painting, handiwork, and a variety of other services, this platform gives you access to a wide network of providers, all with their signature Naaam Trust guarantee.

Naaam was founded in an attempt to connect individuals and small enterprises that have traditionally been left out of the market to individual households that often find it difficult to find reliable house services. Naaam’s mission is to identify and solve these industry problems by bridging the gap between consumer and contractor.

If you’re tired of service providers failing to properly communicate, quotations that sound a little unreasonable, and work quality that you can’t properly assess, Naaam is here for you. Acting as an intermediary between the client and service provider, their system is geared toward making sure that their customers always get service that doesn’t hurt their head or wallet.


Here’s how you can make use of Naaam’s impeccable time-saving services now:

– Call Naaam’s team (+9613002088) or visit their website to detail the job you want done.
– Naaam will assess the best way to move forward with your demands through their team of professional contractors, architects, and experts.
– They will then contact their pool of Naaam-approved service providers to get you the best offers available, optimizing the offers based on what you need,
– They will then provide you with a list of options and quotations to get the job done, all up to your standards.
– After you approve the service provider, Naaam will coordinate all communication and work on-site technical supervisor, ensuring satisfactory quality control and hassle-free experience for the customer.


Naaam’s work has accrued extensive positive feedback, with clients praising their customer-oriented approach and can-do attitude. Customers have noted the professionalism and reliability of their service, emphasizing the fast, clean, and smooth experience guaranteed by their professional teams.


Whether you’re looking to fix a sink or completely retool your house, Naaam has you covered. Their teams also thrive under pressure, with short-notice house work available (during working hours, M-F 8:30-4:30). Above all, the platform makes sure to take on all the brunt of the home renovation or maintenance process ensuring reliable, quick, and quality work, and a satisfied customer.


If you’re looking to get some work done, you won’t have a better option than Naaam. Get your next home project off the ground, hassle-free, by calling 03 002 088. For the more tech savvy, you can also go through their website for the same guaranteed smooth and reliable experience.