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Elise Daoud 03 May 2023

Beit Saoumar: The Perfect Spring Destination In Lebanon

Don’t get us wrong, we love Beirut and everything in it. We just wanted to guide you to other destinations pumping with a different kind of life, especially if you’re one to enjoy peaceful spots that let you reconnect with nature.

While uncovering the green village of Dibbiyeh in Chouf, hidden behind large trees and flower beds, we found Beit Saoumar. This adorable restaurant was hard to spot, but nevertheless a discovery we were happy to have made.

Owned by the talented chef Joe Boustany, Beit Saoumar is all about mixing passion with a piece of Dibbiyeh to create a unique dining experience. Using freshly picked and high-quality ingredients (and a whole lot of love), every bite will feel like a love letter to your inner child.

Walking in, you’ll be blown away by the lovely décor—all handmade to add a homey feel. Decorated with seashells, vintage clocks, and even a make-shift waterfall.

Surrounded by loaded olive and fig trees, you’re guaranteed a peaceful experience unlike that of the city. During your meal, you’ll be accompanied by the sound of chirping birds, a soft breeze, and a view of the mountains of Dibbiyeh.

When it comes to food, Chef Joe does not disappoint. His motto is “make it with love, or don’t make it at all”. Although you can pick something off their menu, you can also ask the chef to take the creative liberty of curating a dish just for you. Our recommendation? Joe’s special burger!

Friends looking for a peaceful visit can give Chef Joe a call and reserve the entire place to themselves. Whether you decide to sit in one of their two gorgeous outdoor areas or cozy up inside on their colorful couches.

If you’re planning to stop by, make sure you make a reservation on 03 365 189. And so you don’t get lost on the way there, click here for the exact location.