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Labib Mansour 06 May 2023

Hamra’s Takkoush Bakery Shut Down, Sealed With Red Wax

Locals and frequenters of Takkoush Bakery were surprised to find the shop closed down with red wax on Thursday, May 4. Considered to be one of the most popular bakeries in the area, Takkoush served a wide consumer base on Sidani street and would almost always be busy with buzzing customers.

Takkoush was renowned for its quick service, relative affordability, and wide variety of options. Open 24/7, the bakery was visited by our own TikTok team earlier this month, and although a cheese and ketchup man’ouche is a questionable decision, we don’t think that’s enough to seal the whole place with red wax.

@beirut.com One of my favorite manouche places in hamra! #beirut#lebanon#food#manouche #fyp ♬ Kan Endena Tahoun (Sahar El Laialy) – Fairouz

It is unclear why the bakery was shut down. The paper accompanying the red wax seal decision stated that the action was taken after a notice by Beirut’s public prosecution office and the investigative unit at Beirut’s General Security, based on decision 49263/DA issued on 04/05/2023. The decision also outlines that anyone who purposefully breaks the red wax can be subject to up to 3 years in prison.

Although there is speculation that the bakery will reopen soon, their fate remains unknown as of this morning.