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Melissa Sleiman 07 May 2023

It’s Sunset Season: 5 Amazing Spots To Enjoy The Sunset In Lebanon

Sunset lovers, it’s finally that time of year when we can start enjoying mellow views and orange hues with our loved ones (alongside a cocktail, of course). Here are some of our top picks for sunset spots around Lebanon.

1. Sē by Ocean Blue, Jbeil

A stunning seaside restaurant and lounge that enjoys a wooden deck perched over the shore. Decorated with a blend of earthy colors to match your sunset experience, Sē offers a unique experience on the coast with the company of delicious grilled platters.

Also an exceptional date night spot, this destination turns into the perfect love nest post-sunset, where you and your lover can enjoy each other’s company over a glass of wine.

2. The Bevview, Baskinta

For a more casual destination, look no further than The Bevview. This Baskinta gem is the perfect place to lounge on a hammock as you watch the sun disappear into the horizon. What makes this spot special is the exceptional panoramic view that you won’t get to enjoy just anywhere.

Does your pet love sunsets too? Luckily, The Bevview is pet-friendly, so make sure to include your pet in the headcount before making a reservation.

3. Lavender Getaway, Kfar Qatra

The resto-bar and sunset lounge of your dreams, this getaway is perched atop a hill in Kfar Qatra. With a spectacular view of the mountains and clear skies overhead, Lavender Getaway caters to large groups of friends who love bonding over sunsets.

After hours, head to the bar and pick from their impressive list of cocktails to complete your night. And you can never go wrong with a few appetizers!

4. Sama Arze, Adma

The sky above Sama Arze is unlike any other, and so is the view. This Lebanese restaurant brings a piece of home into every dish, following age-old recipes made with nothing but love. You’ll be coming for the view and sticking around for the delicious food.

With its cheerful décor and feel-good vibes, you and your friends will feel right at home at Sama Arze—and that’s exactly why you’ll be coming back for another visit.

5. Bolero, Batroun

A gorgeous garden located right by the beach in Batroun that we all know and love, you can never go wrong with a visit to this iconic gem. Cocktails and views are their specialty, and one thing you’ll never experience at Bolero is a dull moment.

At sunset, watch the place transform into a golden hour dream. And what better way to enjoy that than a cool breeze and an ice cold beer?