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Bassel Obeid 08 May 2023

Game Of Thrones Fans, Have You Visited This Yummy Spot In Batroun?

Do you remember that one scene from The Suite Life on Deck when Zack was eating pizza in a cone? Our childhood selves were so jealous of that delicious street eat, and it’s time for us to heal our inner child with a visit to this Batroun spot.

Game of Cones is inspired by the iconic series, and we’re pretty sure Daenerys Targaryen will make food in a cone Westeros’s national dish (before she burns the city down to ashes).

While strolling through the streets of Batroun, you’re going to need something filling to keep your energy up. What could be better than a cheesy cone on the go?

To fulfill your childhood fantasies, they offer different types of pizzas in a cone, from the classic to the margarita to the pepperoni. And for an EXTRA cheesy treat, opt for the four cheese or the lasagna!

And for those wondering, you *can* turn a burger into a cone. Just try their saucy hamburger cone, filled with ketchup, mustard, mozzarella, and a whole lot of beef.

Of course, you need something sweet to follow up all these savory delights. Their chocolate marshmallow brownie, a brownie bite topped with marshmallows and drenched in Nutella, will melt in your mouth.

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