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Mia Arawi 10 May 2023

Waffle Burger Anyone? Check Out This Spot In Aley

We didn’t think we’d be putting waffle and burger in the same sentence today…but here we are.

Kitchen Garage in Aley looks like just the right spot to visit when you’re in the mood to go all out. This spot caters to the foodies who will accept nothing but a messy, saucy, and juicy burger to satiate their hunger—you’ve been warned.

The most interesting burger on their menu is hands down their Waffle-o, a waffle-turned-burger for our crispy chicken lovers.

Generous portions of perfectly fried Nashville crispy chicken, drenched in their specialty sauce, topped with pickles and a sprinkle of crushed Takis, all sandwiched between sweet waffles. Start off with a sweet bite and end things on a spicy note with this treat, and those who love a little sweet and spicy combo need to give this burger a try.

But if you want to go crazy with the spice, how about you and your friends make plans to stop by for breaded chicken wings tossed in spicy buffalo, mango habanero, or hot lemon sauce? Your stomach might not be too happy about it the next day, but it’s worth it.

For more information, call +961 81 412 522. You can find Kitchen Garage in Aley on Bkheshtay street, open from 2pm until 10pm.

P.S: they accept crypto!