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Labib Mansour 11 May 2023

What If The Diplomat Was Set In Beirut

Netflix’s newest hit show stars Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell as the namesake diplomats in the Diplomat. The show sees the ambassadorial couple make their way to the American embassy in London, but their previous escapades, and where they had met, was actually during their deployment to Beirut.

Thus, despite our qualms about Awkar being considered Beirut, we can safely add this show to our list of 8 Popular TV Shows That Mention Beirut. Now, what if the show was actually set in Beirut? Here’s how it would play out.

Kate Wyler

– Regular at Aaliya’s Books
– Annahar subscriber
– Reposts Lebanese proud stuff despite being the whitest American in town
– Lets her hair down at Tota twice a month
– Besties with Walid Jumblatt

Hal Wyler

– Mar Mikhail and Badaro regular
– Ran through
– Loves to say “marheba” and “shoukran”
– Gets into regular fights with random people on the street, despite literally being the US ambassador.
– Besties with Nabih Berri

Eidra Graham

– Electing Lebanon’s new president
– Hates Ali Hassan Khalil
– Hamra regular
– Has never been outside Beirut (except to go to Awkar)


– Source for all Lebanese media channels
– Blocked all of Wiam Wahab’s numbers
– Never goes out
– Besties with Joseph Aoun

Foreign Secretary Dennison

– Gebran Bassil, she’s in love with Gebran Bassil.

PM Trowbridge

– Bald, just like Najib Mikati.
– Incompetent, just like Najib Mikati.
– Doing some stupid conspiracy, just like Najib Mikati
– Najib Mikati.