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William Daou 12 May 2023

12 Memories From Every Lebanese Family Vacation

Family vacations, whether taken in Lebanon or abroad, are always full of truly memorable experiences. If you’ve been lucky enough to embark on one of these family escapades, you’ll surely relate to these 12 memories.

1. We’re gonna be late

No matter the occasion, and no matter how many times you say this time it’ll be different, it will happen.

2. The fights

That’s usually why we’re late, and what’s the actual point of all of this if we’re just going to scream

3. The car dynamics

No singing, no talking, no silence, no happiness, no sadness, no one sits at the window.

4. Who controls the snack bag, controls all

Make sure you have access, or you will be left behind.

5. Earphones are your only friend

Let me play some dramatic music and pretend I’m in a music video.

6. Parents talking to anyone is so embarrassing

Mom, stop…

7. At least “we have it at home” won’t work here…

Or will it!

8. How much money do we actually have?

Like be fr with me before I spend our entire life’s savings on a burger and some fries.

9. Pictures time!

Pose while you are in the most uncomfortable position in

10. This is the most stressful sleeping position I’ve ever been in

How is sleeping on a sofa bed a vacation exactly?

11. Oh no, the parents are drunk

Please take me back to the sofa bed.

12. This was so fun, can’t wait to do it again in 5 years

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