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Beirut.com 11 May 2011

The Riviera Fusion 1st Art Symposium Press Conference

Riviera Hotel is pleased to cordially invite you to the press conference marking the Riviera Fusion 1st Art Symposium under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with Rowaq al Balqa Foundation of Arts and European Embassies.

The idea of ​​the project is to create a common psychological atmosphere for a number of Arab and foreign artists to provoke creativity and drawing during this period. This will be accompanied by concerts in an attempt to reveal that the reference for creativity in various arts is a single reference that will drive all the participating artists to a similar mental and spiritual status.

Riviera Hotel aims from this event to enrich the cultural climate of tourism and its role in promoting cultural tourism in Lebanon since it was founded in 1956.

Riviera Beach Lounge will hold these events which are inspired by the place, and the participants will try to transform their impressions into paintings, generating a harmony of music and art that emulates love and Lebanon’s beauty in a rhythm of creative discussion between the place and visitors.

Riviera Hotel, convinced by the important role of private institutions involved in Lebanese cultural movement and tourism, is trying to find new elements to serve these aims and to attract people interested in activating the cultural and artistic heritage of Lebanon to become the first artistic attraction for people in the Middle East.

Therefore, Riviera hotel is keen on finding supportive partnerships to make this project a great and complete success for the broader community.