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12th International Festival for Narration and Monodrama

From Mar 8 to Mar 13, 2011
7:30pm -> 8:30pm

For the 12th consecutive year, the Theatre Monnot organizes the International Festival for Narration and Monodrama that has become a ritual and tradition now expected by the public.

The first part of the evening is an animation presented by 2 professionals, followed by a 15-20 minute sketch presented by 2 amateur Lebanese at the ‘Curtain Call’.

On closing night, March 13, the highly anticipated “Concours des Menteurs ” will be presented with all the narrators and story tellers for an improvised show that is always colorful and full of surprises.

Special Formula:Program:
– Tuesday, March 8
KPG and Laurent Daycard
– Wednesday, March 9
Catherine Caillaud and Said Ramdane
– Thursday, March 10
Sara Kasir / Ahmed Tay and KPG
– Friday, March 11
Lawrence and Catherine Caillaud Daycard
– Saturday, March 12
Said Sara Ramdane and Kasir / Ahmed Tay

Storytellers :
Catherine Caillaud – France
Daycard Laurent – France
Sara Kasir – Lebanon
Kientega Pingdéwindé Gerard said KPG – Burkina Faso
Said Ramdane – Algeria
Ahmed Tay – Lebanon

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