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Malik’s Bookshop

Academic and General bookshop also selling art supplies, a copy center, computer services from a simple photocopy to huge poster plotting, and stationery sections.

Malik’s was established in 1987 with a small branch on Bliss Street employing just one person. Since then, they have grown to become a major bookshop in Lebanon, with eighteen current branches, two huge warehouses and a centralized management office.

They are the number one Academic and General bookshop in Lebanon, stocking over 50,000 titles, all available on the e-commerce website www.maliks.com, which is updated on a weekly basis.

They are the largest copy center chain in Lebanon. They offer a complete line of copy and computer services from a simple photocopy to huge poster plotting.

They also make available other services such as international courier, classified advertising, phone and internet recharge cards, sworn translation and many others.

Currently, Malik’s Bookshop is the agent of more than 22 international brands among which include: Folex (France), Forerever (Germany), Yosan (Spain), KW (Taiwan), Data Zone (Taiwan), Elsoon (Singapore), Mondi (Austria), Edding (Germany), Kobra (Italy), TAL (UK),Dysan (UK), Pritt (Germany), Pattex (Germany), Sellotape (UK), Snopake (UK), Gabol (Spain), GBC (USA), Henkel (Germany), Bindermax (Taiwan), etc…

To insure fast delivery, they have dedicated 5 vans and 10 motorcycles that operate 6 days a week and 11 hours a day. In the year 2000, they were chosen by the American University of Beirut, out of over ten major companies in Lebanon, to run their bookstore. They have been running it ever since.

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