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Saint Mary’s Orthodox College (SMOC)

Saint Mary’s Orthodox College (SMOC), member of Eduvation school network is a Christian Orthodox School affiliated to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut. Their mission is to serve the members of the surrounding communities in particular, and the nation in general, to whichever social stratum they belong and without discrimination, in the fields of education and teaching, and that to build the personality of a human being who believes in God, who belongs to the nation, who is active (is a catalyst) in society and who is qualified to attain university academic level.

Accordingly, the school constitutes a space for knowledge acquisition in a climate of freedom that allows teacher and learner to explore their potential, their relationship with God, and each other’s dynamics..

Their mission is not limited to the simple ”transmission of knowledge”; rather they look to achieving transformations within the inner self of the person and through that, within the community in the future.

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