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Who Killed Bruce Lee

“Who Killed Bruce Lee” is a title that makes you wonder what went on when they came up with the name. Established in 2010, the band got together and created one of the tightest, musically rich, and innovative groups in Lebanon’s local music scene.

Playing the best of indie, electro, rock n’ roll, and more, they provided audiences with a chance to sing along, dance and get wild as they blasted out those tunes loud and strong. The band’s foundation is made up of the raw tools used in rock, consisting of guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. Utilizing each instrument to its fullest, Wassim’s guitar wailing out the guitar riffs as Pascale’s groovy bass lines lock-in with Malek’s drums, only to have Hassib’s keyboard styling’s give the music that extra “zing” that lifts the songs to another level.

This band has the perfect makeup for an “underground/indie” rock group whether it comes to song selection, musicianship or audience interaction.

Guitar/lead vox: Wassim Bou Malham
Keys/synth/backing vox: Hassib Dergham
Drums/backing vox: Malek Rizkallah
Bass guitar/backing vox: Pascal Sarkis
Sound engineer: Georges Abou Zeid

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