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Y eyes

As the Legend tells in order to protect themselves from the bad luck, our ancestors wore an amulet containing a blue eye.
A few centuries later, Y “EYES” ® reinvents jewelry fetish. The leitmotif of Jerusalem Brazilian good-luck through the eye of Turkey.
Yohanna Allouche mixed with talent gold and silver, amethyst, eye of a tiger and rose quartz in very grigri jet-set. Turquoise, purple, yellow and emerald jewellery sound like distant accents fashionistas echoes!
Faced with the widespread enthusiasm for the Nel chance pendant, the designer has increased its points of sale around the world and charming creations…
As a necklace or bracelet, happiness is wearable, enjoy-…

Schedule Of Events:Necklaces, Bracelets, Chains, Earrings, and Belts.

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