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Gaturro is always getting into trouble, and his master doesn’t know what to do with him. Gaturro’s heart belongs to Agatha, the most unpleasant cat of the town. His several attempts to conquer her love disappear when she stumbles across Michou, a young, handsome cat from an aristocratic background. Gaturro accidentally becomes famous but finds that fame and success brings other problems. Gaturro is sad and lonely but with the help of a little mouse, they come up with a plan to prevent Agatha marrying Michou.
Duration: 86 min
Directed By: Gustavo Cova
Written By: Adriana Lorenzón and Belén Wedeltoft
Casting: Mariano Chiesa and Agustina Gonzalez Cirulnik
Distributed By: Aleph Media, Anima Estudios, and Illusion Studios
Produced By: José Luis Massa
Production Year: 2010
Date of Release: 2012-08-02
Country: Argentina | India | Mexico
Language: English