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Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit

When his mentor and father figure Professor Fredrick Shaffer is killed, adventurous treasure seeker Jack Hunter travels to Syria and the ancient city of Ugarit where a treasure was said to be buried during the Pharoah’s reign. Though sceptical of the lore, Jack Hunter is one of the few archaeologists in the world who can interpret Ugarit writings, find the treasure – and avenge his mentor’s death.

IMDB Rating: 4.40/10 (469 votes)
Duration: 282 min
Directed By: Terry Cunningham
Written By: Steven Jones Kevin Moore Michael Palmieri George Shamieh
Casting: Ivan Sergei Joanne Kelly Thure Riefenstein Susan Ward
Music Composed By: Jamie Christopherson
Distributed By: Oasis Entertainment
Produced By: George Shamieh Osama Bastaki
Production Year: 2008
Date of Release: 2008-12-23
Country: USA
Language: English | German | Arabic | Russian | French