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When all common forms of communication fail, resort to art. That has never been more applicable than in our region today. In the midst of all the conflicts and revolutions taking place in the area, the MENASART fair has been a long awaited breath of fresh air to many. Bringing together different artists from the region known as the ME.NA.SA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia), the art fair is a cornucopia of galleries and creations from amateurs and professionals alike.

Laure d’Hauteville, organizer of contemporary art fairs in the ME.NA region, and graduate of Sorbonne University, Pascal Odille, art expert and specialist in ME.NA contemporary art, Jean-Marc Decrop, art expert and specialist in South Asia contemporary creation, and Guillaume Taslé d’Héliand, journalist and editor, are the masterminds behind the whole affair, a group of art aficionados who wanted to show the world that the ME.NA.SA region held such talent and flair that rivaled any other region’s.

That the location chosen for the fair is Beirut, is no mere coincidence. Considered the meeting point of all the many religions and political communities of this vast territory, Beirut, and Lebanon in general have always been of the most sought-after destinations because of their rich history, and the people’s cultural density, which will allow the fair to propel itself to an international level. Furthermore, Beirut is fast becoming a new strategic center of the contemporary art market, with the recent creation of many art galleries and cultural centers. Add to that the geographic advantage that Beirut proposes, being in the heart of all the action, and you will get all the ingredients to an excellent recipe.

However, not only will the fair benefit from Beirut’s location, it will also offer it a slew of advantages. Lebanon will find itself reinforced on the international arts calendar once again, and it will grab the attention of international media, along with high profile art dealers and collectors alike, establishing the country as a major arts exchange platform.

The program of the fair is very promising, with a four-day curriculum that will not only include the showcasing of artists’ works, but also conferences, seminars, debates and round-tables held by art experts. In addition, parents will be able to nurture their young ones’ burgeoning talents in a special kids’ corner, as well as nurture their own artistic notions and values in another corner dedicated entirely to visual publications such as art books, magazines, and newspapers. Parties at such prestigious locations as “Le Gray” hotel, private museum tours and auctions will be held as well to emphasize the festive atmosphere Lebanon is most known for.


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