In 1976 St. Marc was only a laboratory. In 1978, St. Marc became the first Diagnostic center in Lebanon, when it decided to establish a radiology department besides its medical laboratory. Several years later, it added a professional echography unit, combining three units in one.

Since then, the St. Marc Diagnostic center continued to flourish, until today when 22 different medical diagnostic departments fill its 7 story private building at Jetawi square equipped with the most modern medical diagnostic machinery.

Diagnostic Tests performed at St Marc Medical & Diagnostic Center

Laboratory - Automated Lab, Anatomy Pathology, PCR Lab

Radiology - General, Goniometry, Degital Dental panorama & Cephalometry,
Osteodensitometry (3 sites), Mammography + Echo Mammo

Open MRI ( GE EXCITE) - Closed MRI 1.5 T

HI SPEED CT Scan - Multi-Slice
Denta Scan (CBCT - Cone Beam)

Neurology - Video EEG, EMG

ECHOGRAPHY - General, Echo Trans Vaginal + Rectal, Echo Obstetrical 4D, Echo Morphology

Audiometry - Vocal + Tonal, Tympanometry, Accoustic reflex

Urodynamics - Cystomanometry, Uroflowmetry, Therapy for incontinence

Scintragraphy - Bone Scan, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Cardiac, Kidneys

Gastroscopy - Colonoscopy
Cardiac Tests - ECG, Echo Cardiac 4D, Cardiac Stress Test, Stress-Echo, Vascular Doppler, Holter ECG + Holter Blood Pressure


  • Operating Hours:
    Mondays to Fridays from 7:00 till 19:00
    Saturdays from 7:00 till 15:00
Saint Marc Medical & Diagnostic Center

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    Geitaoui Main Street Geitawi Tel.: +9611582658
    Tel.: +9611576565
    Tel.: +9611566633


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