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“Kunhadi” association celebrated its 5th anniversary celebration, under the patronage of the Minister of Interior Affairs, Mr. Marwan Charbel, and with the participation of a number of social figures, and the four celebrities “Kunhadi” has chosen as ambassadors of the company and its message to keep in terms with road safety: Carmen Lebbos, Elyssar Caracella, Georges Khabbaz, and Tony Baroud.

In light of the occasion, the association once again took a further step into shedding light on the need of road safety rules and regulations:

- The company woffered 800 safety helmets to the motorcycle owners of the Internal Security Forces of Lebanon.
- It also gave out awards to four associations that have contributed in spreading their message.
- Finally, “Kunhadi” awarded 20 prizes to the winners of the Fabriano road safety contest.


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